Backpack Dream Program #1

I have nine grandchildren all of which have dreams. My oldest grandchild, Graydon has a dream of being an engineer. This is quite a dream.

How does he get there? What can he do to help fulfil his dream? Having loving and supportive parents is a great start. Who else would drive him 15 miles across Gainesville to get him started in the high school of his choice? (Grandparents also).

I picked him up from school Friday night at 9:00 p.m. he was participating in a a band competition. Their band received straight superiors at the MPAs. When we arrived home, he got out of the car and looked at the moon and said to me, “Would you look at the moon?” I instantly went back in time about ten years. When Graydon was very young, he loved to look at the full moon while at our home. He was completely mesmerized by the moon then and now.

What does Graydon’s dream of being an engineer have to do with children in Haiti that have no dreams? The difference is more than a backpack. It has to do with loving parents and grandparents. It has to do with attending an elementary school (Queen of Peace Academy) that teaches children how to dream. It has to do with having the right tools to make good decisions in life. Those dreams could start with a backpack. A backpack can contain a lot of books, paper and supplies, but it also contain dreams.

A backpack to a child in Jean Rabel today represents the dream in a child’s life tomorrow. Today you can become that dream for someone. Do something amazing today.