Backpack Dream Program

On a recent trip to Jean Rabel, Haiti, I met children and thought of my grandchildren and asked “What do the children in Jean Rabel dream about?”  The answer literally broke my heart “They do not dream.”

When I asked why they do not dream, the answer was – before a child can dream they have to believe and when and if they dream – they dream of going to high school.

I thought to myself – I can help children have a dream.  A dream of a better future, a dream of going to high school – by providing them the right tools to do well in school.

The Backpack Dream Program was actually dreamed into creation with a single strategy, “Providing Dreams for Children.”

What happens when children actually have dreams?  The world can become their future and it starts with us!  You finally have the chance to really make a difference in the life of a child who so desperately needs a dream.

The purpose of the Backpack Dream Program-Saint John the Baptist Jean-Rabel, Inc. is to provide all school children in Jean Rabel, Haiti the chance to dream by providing at least 500  backpacks filled with school supplies by June 2018.

You can help us by purchasing donating money and we will purchase the backpacks and school supplies for you.





A backpack with school supplies will cost $16.70.

Each Number Amt to donate Suggested Amt
$16.70 1 $16.70 $20.00
$16.70 2 $33.40 $35.00
$16.70 5 $83.50 $85.00
$16.70 10 $167.00 $175.00
$16.70 20 $334.00 $350.00
$16.70 50 $835.00 $1,000.00
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