Hope of One Person

Through the  “Hope of One Person” each of us can make a difference. Though the “Hope of One Person” we can change the world.
Starting with the “Hope of One Person” the world is changing for the better each day.
I have been on Medical Mission trips to Haiti and have witnesses first hand the power of “Hope of One Person”,  a nurse as he quietly consoles a patient getting ready for surgery.  I have seen how much love and intensity can be shown to a person by just one nurse or doctor.  
Starting with just one person, a nurse in Gainesville, Florida and the Hope of One Person, we are collecting and distributing medical supplies to fully support a new medical clinic in Jean Rabel, Haiti.
The Hope of One Person is a program working with St John the Baptist Jean Rabel, Inc, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) in Gainesville FL to collect medical supplies and equipment to completely equip the medical clinic being built in Jean Rabel, Haiti.
Speaking from personal experience from visiting the people in Jean Rabel, they have hope that just one person can do something to help them.
On a visit to Jean Rabel, I saw a young girl laying in a hospital bed in obviously pain waiting for the medical care that never came and medicine that would help her. With the Hope of One Person, we can help the young child waiting for help.
Working with the doctors and nurses in the hospitals and clinics in the Gainesville area we are collecting medical supplies and equipment to send to Jean Rabel to help the young children in desperate need.