Many people have told me they like the new name and the new mission.  Just as Queen of Peace Catholic Community is growing, Saint John the Baptist-Jean Rabel is growing as well.

It is more than just a name.  I have been to Haiti twice before, once to St. Boniface Hospital at Fond des Blanc and once to Jean Rabel, Haiti.

What was my main take-away?  Anyone and everyone can help.

Going to Haiti was not on my 5 year plan, not even in my wildest dreams did I ever plan on going to Haiti.  But I had the intervention of the Holy Spirit.  One of my previous blog post on the Queen of Peace Haiti Medical Mission says “Do whatever he tells you”  In my case that was the blessing I received after Janine asked me if I would go to Haiti the first time.  If I can go to Haiti and make a difference, then anyone can help.

My second trip to Haiti was to the city of Jean Rabel.  Father Reggie shared with me after the trip this reflection “This dream is bigger than you and this mission is beyond all of us.  We have the insurance that we are led by the Holy Spirit and we will never be alone.”  I framed this quote in a picture frame with the words Let go & Let God – Live your dream.

The dream has turned into a reality with a name – Saint John the Baptist – Jean Rabel.  We can all help.  We can all go to Haiti.  If not in person, you can help with your time, talent and treasure.  You can help by supporting this mission with your daily prayers.

You can help by dreaming just as I dream everyday.  Dream of a brighter future for children, dream of business people having enough money to purchase supplies, dream of much needed medical care for the people in Jean Rabel.

You can help.